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No Brainer: Add a Second Monitor to your PC

Transition to Multiple Monitors to Increase Productivity

I remember being blown away when my tech-savvy son Brian showed me a dual-monitor display on a Windows XP desktop at home back around 2003. I didn't realize it then how much this could increase productivity for multitasking home and workplace computer users (I definitely realize this now). An easy and inexpensive way to immediately increase productivity at your home (or office) is to add a second (or third) LCD monitor to your workstation. Studies show that simply adding a second monitor (or even a third monitor) to your workstation setup can dramatically increase on-the-job productivity. Multiple Monitor Productivity Studies

UPDATE: the AICPA Journal of Accountancy has just published a cover story on this in their February 2011 issue:  Increase Productivity With Multiple Monitors .

It is relatively simple to add a second monitor to your desktop computer if it has dual video ports, or your laptop computer which has an external VGA port: Microsoft: Two Monitors are Better than One. It is actually just as simple to add a third monitor by adding a USB video adapter, such as the EVGA USB Display. You can often find inexpensive LCD monitors on sale at your local office supply store, or refurbished ones online at sites such as Geeks.Com

Dual monitors are now standard at over 90% of CPA firms today, and 38% of CPA firms have workers with three or more monitors. We have implemented three monitor setups for all of our professional workstations at our firm as a part of digital best practices, in addition to a paperless document management system (DMS) & secure client portal (FileVault). While many financial professionals have moved to multiple monitors, it has not yet been widely adopted at other professional offices such as law firms. Time to get going on this no-brainer!

Here is my triple monitor setup - large Landscape mode center monitor with monitors rotated into Portrait mode for bookends:

My 3 monitor setup shown above cannot hold a candle to Al Gore's triple 30" monitor setup featured in this post:Al Gore's Mutiple Monitor SetupNow three monitors are apparently not enough, and many CPA firms are going to four monitors per workstation: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four...  Where is going to end?


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