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  • Move Your Money from Henry Potter to George Bailey

    Update October 2011 - with certain giant monster mega-banks considered "too big to fail" recently choosing to eliminate free checking & charge fees on anything that moves, it is time to let the free market work. Simply vote with your feet and move your money to a local community bank or credit union where you can usually find free checking, no debit card fees, and something called customer service. In Lake County, consider community banks such as First National Bank of Mount Dora, United Southern Bank, or First Green Bank. Or check out credit unions such as Insight Credit Union or Fairwinds Credit Union.

    See the eyeopening video using scenes from It's A Wonderful Life here: Move Your Money from Henry Potter to George Bailey. Read more about it here at the web site which launched the movement Move Your Money Project. Also see Clark Howard's post on this Consider Changing Your Bank .

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