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  • Password Security

    The bad guys are getting better at ferreting out passwords used to access your email, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. In light of the increasing risks, it makes sense to reassess the passwords you use --and internet security generally.

    See the superb article from Consumer Reports discussing how to minimize such threats:

    You should consider resetting passwords periodically for all your important onine accounts - a separate one for each email, bank, credit card or brokerage account. You do not want a bad guy who hacks into one account to have the key to your entire financial life. It will take some vigilance to keep track of a secure password for each such onine account, but the effort is definitely worth it. 

    The following Password Generator tool allows you to create a random password that is highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess (be sure to check the "include punctuation"box). You want a minimum of 8 characters, but the more the better. You can use it to generate as many secure passwords as you need in one sitting:

    DISCLAIMER: Before using this site to generate a secure password, be sure that your internet security settings are functional and up to date. Consult an IT professional with any questions in this regard.

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